Interim Management

Legalia was created in 2009 by a legal interim manager.We particularly specialize in one service, which responds to the needs of many companies: the arrangement of specific judicial knowledge for a determined period of time.

Candidats - Legal Interim Management

This need may have diverse cause: the temporary absence of a company law expert (maternity leave, time credit, illness), an increase in temporary work or specific projects.

The duration of the tasks that we propose to our consultants varies from 3 to 6 months. This period can potentially be extended, at the request of our client, for the necessary time period needed to finalize an on-going project, to take on a new situation, for an important case or due to an employee leaving the company.

In accordance with each task, interim management allows you to offer your services 2-3 days a week for one of our clients or full time. In this way, you have the possibility to develop other activities at the same time. For example, managing a law firm.

You work under an independent status and your salary is based on a daily fixed price, previously discussed with us, that varies based on your experience as well as the duration and the difficulty of the task that was proposed to you.

When I started to offer legal interim management tasks, I wished to discover the business world from the inside, which was impossible for me in the law firm where I was working. Moreover, I was working on writing a collection of short stories. For 6 months, I worked 3 days a week in the law department of an important insurance company. I’ve also written a collection of short stories that were published in different literary magazines. Throughout this time, I was enriching my CV with priceless professional experiences, developing my social network and – this is also important – earning a very good living. Since then, I haven’t stopped promoting legal interim management to lawyers who wish to acquire a unique experience and advance in their careers independently. Harold Dulait, Legalia Founding Partner.


1. Contact and receiving of your CV Open Close

If you are interested in legal interim management, send us your CV. You can call us to make sure that we’ve safely received your CV.

2. Incorporating your profile in our database Open Close

As soon as we receive your CV, we integrate it into our database and mention that you are potentially interested in legal interim management tasks. We examine your professional experience and, if we decide it fits with legal interim management, we contact you to offer you a more in-depth encounter in our offices.

3. Meeting in our offices Open Close

We invite you to our offices so that you can elaborate on your experiences, present your professional aspirations and the reasons for which you wish to become a legal interim manager. During this encounter you have the opportunity to ask all of your questions regarding legal interim management (duration of the assignments, frequency, price, areas of work, etc.). If all goes well, we will confirm that you are now part of our network of legal interim managers and that we will call you in case of a new assignment.

4. Regular follow-up and exchange of information Open Close

Between assignments, we keep in touch. You provide us with your availability, any changes in your CV, and in of any other assignments you may have taken on independently from Legalia. For our part, we keep your file updated.

5. Contact in case of an interesting assignment Open Close

When an assignment that corresponds to your profile, your expectations and your availability come up, we contact you to share the assignment in a confidential manner. If you agree, we will fix a rate together and present your CV to our client, usually competing with 2 or 3 other CVs.

6. Organizing an encounter with the client Open Close

If our client decides that your CV corresponds to his or her expectations, we will be in charge of organizing an encounter in their offices. You make your way to the offices without us in order to be able to directly discuss with our client.

7. Signing the contract Open Close

If our client decides to work with you, we let you know as soon as possible and organize the signing of a service delivery contract between Legalia and you. You work independently for each project. Legalia signs a contract with its client.

8. Beginning the assignment Open Close

Before the beginning of the assignment, we make sure that everything is ready for your arrival (office, PC, welcome from a judicial employee, etc.). After the first week of services, we call you for a first debriefing. We also provide you with the client’s impressions during this time.

9. Assignment follow-up and payment Open Close

Thereafter, we regularly come into contact with you to ensure the good progress of your assignment. We are also here to answer any possible questions you may have. Moreover, we file your bills and timesheets and we take charge of the monthly payment of your salary.