Legal interim management is still a recent practice in Belgium. Every year, more and more independent legal experts offer their services to assignments within the legal departments of many companies.

These independent legal experts, whether they are lawyers or not, need to learn a new job. They are constantly confronted with questions as part of their assignments.

Candidats - Legal Interim Management

Do I have to participate in team meetings? What can I do to start/complete my assignment? Do I have to invest in personal relationships with other legal experts in the department? How do I manage my other clients during the assignment? How do I address a colleague when I work for a client and when I myself am a lawyer? So many questions that do not necessarily have a clear answer and for which I recommend suggestions taken from concrete experiences.

As a specialist of legal interim management, the Legalia team has sacrificed a great number of hours to discuss with judicial directors, company legal experts and legal interim managers. Whether it’s during the assignments, interviews or in a more informal fashion, during breakfast or a reception, we have assembled a series of experiences and have taken from it a list of advice that, in our opinion, should be followed in order for a legal interim management mission to go smoothly.

This list is obviously not complete but we hope that these suggestions will be useful for the legal interim managers. We would be very happy to read or hear any comments you may have regarding these suggestions.

Advice N°1

Pay close attention to your opening

It’s essential to be particularly attentive while starting a legal interim management assignment. It’s vital. During the first five days, you will be setting the tone for the rest of the...

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Advice N°2

Limit Smartphone usage

The vast majority of legal interim managers work with a landscaper while they are on an assignment, and most of them own smartphones.

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Advice N°3

Remember your advice

A legal interim manager on an assignment will give a number of important legal, tax or compliance advice. Sometimes their opinions are given in a handwritten note to the management or a company...

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Advice N°4

Talk with the assistant

Assistants in legal departments play a central role. They know everything that is going on.

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Advice N°5

Be flexible

Flexibility is a major factor in the success of a legal interim management assignment. A legal interim manager must always be paying attention to the consultant. The company hired him/her for...

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Advice N°6

Share your know-how

A legal interim mission manager working with a client not only brings a skill set for a specific project, he or she also brings unique know-how that enriches each job.

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Advice N°7

Multiply experiences

Legal interim managers choose to carry out temporary missions for different reasons: the thrill of a challenge, the search for diverse experiences, professional meetings, independence, flexibility...

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Advice N°8

Be pragmatic

Legal advice in business must be pragmatic, in other words, capable of practical applications. Otherwise, it is useless.

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Advice N°9

Show an interest in the activities of your client

The duration of legal interim management assignments varies. It can be very short - just a few days - or longer - a year or more. Additionally, it’s often true that this time period is not known...

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Advice N°10

Share your schedule

Legal interim managers are independent beings by nature and preference. The choice of such a career aims, among other things, to provide professional experience at a high level, while benefiting...

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Advice N°11

Make proposals.

The arrival of a legal interim manager at a company can take place for various reasons, the most common being a significant overload of work. When legal experts can finally work with a consultant...

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Advice N°12

Train yourself.

When you are on legal interim management missions, all your time and energy are devoted to your client. The task is generally very demanding and you do not have the time to spend a few hours in...

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Advice N°13

Speak with Legalia consultants.

Legal interim management missions follow on from one another in quick succession, but are not alike. Each culture is different, the subjects vary, your colleagues change, the intensity is more or...

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