Please find the current job offers at Legalia below. Please note that, due to confidentiality reasons, we are not able to publish all of our job offers on this website. Consequently, even if none of the offers match with your criteria, we invite you to send us your CV or to contact us.

Open offers Contract Status
Management Assistant @ Legalia Permanent Open
Solo Legal Advisor - Insurance company Permanent Open
Legal Counsel - International Business Law Permanent Open
Juriste Corporate - Secrétariat Général Permanent Open
Corporate Lawyer Permanent Open
Legal Counsel - General Business Law Temporary Open
Contract Manager Temporary Open
Legal counsel - Labour Law & Social Security Law Permanent Open
Avocat en droit patrimonial et/ou fiscal Permanent Open
Legal interim manager - Energy sector Temporary Open
Paralegal and IP Formalities Officer Permanent Open
Legal Counsel - Holcim Permanent Open
Juristes pour études notariales - Perm & Temp Permanent Open
Legal Interim Manager - GDPR Temporary Open
Legalia is constantly looking for Legal interim managers (all specializations / all levels of seniority) Temporary Open
Closed offers
Legal interim manager - Business Law Temporary Closed
Legal interim manager - Pharma Temporary Closed
Legal interim manager - Labour law & Social security Law Temporary Closed
Compliance Officer - Pharma Temporary Closed
Junior Legal Advisor (NL) - Wilink Permanent Closed
Legal Advisor - Umedia Permanent Closed
Legal Interim Manager - GDPR (Banking) Temporary Closed
Legal Interim Manager - GDPR (Secteur des Services) Temporary Closed
Paralegal / Junior Advocaat - Contract Management, GDPR Temporary Closed
Legal Interim Manager - Droit de la concurrence Temporary Closed
Recruitment Consultant @ Legalia Permanent Closed
Compliance Officer Permanent Closed
Legal and IP Manager Permanent Closed
Juriste Permanent Closed
Legal Investment Advisor Permanent Closed
Avocat spécialisé en droit de la concurrence Permanent Closed
Avocat Stagiaire (droit des affaires) Permanent Closed
Legal Counsel - Credendo Export Credit Agency Permanent Closed
Paralegal - Sofina Permanent Closed
Freelance Paralegal Temporary Closed
Compliance/Legal/Paralegal Interim Project in the financial sector (3 months) Temporary Closed
Legal Counsel - B Logistics Permanent Closed
Nederlandstalige advocaat (ondernemingsrecht) in een dynamisch en snel groeiend advocatenbureau Permanent Closed
URGENT: Junior and Senior Legal Interim Managers in an international company Temporary Closed
Legal interim manager (Insurance sector - 4 months) Temporary Closed
Trade Compliance Interim Manager Temporary Closed
Corporate Legal Counsel - Eurofins Scientific Group Permanent Closed
Interim Manager in Compliance Temporary Closed
Legal Assistant - Paralegal Permanent Closed
Experienced Legal Advisor Permanent Closed
Management Assistant Permanent Closed
Legal Counsel Delcredere | Ducroire Permanent Closed
Legal Counsel - Credendo Short Term Non EU Risks Permanent Closed
Group Compliance Officer Delcredere - Ducroire Permanent Closed
Legal Interim Manager Commercial Law Indeterminate term Temporary Closed
Interim manager - Commercial & Contract law Temporary Closed
In house legal counsel - Golden Palace Permanent Closed
Legal Interim Manager (IT law) Temporary Closed
Juriste marchés publics / IT-IP (4 mois) Temporary Closed
Business Development Manager (Flanders) - Legalia Permanent Closed
Compliance Advisors (2) - Antwerpen Permanent Closed
Legal interim manager (General contract Law + IT/IP) Temporary Closed
Junior Legal / Compliance Advisor Permanent Closed
HR Legal & Employee Relations specialist Temporary Closed
Legal Interim Manager Commercial Law Temporary Closed
Compliance Risk Advisor Permanent Closed
Junior Legal Counsel Permanent Closed
Senior Legal Counsel Temporary Closed
Legal Manager EMEA Permanent Closed
Company Law Expert (EU) - 6 months Temporary Closed
Compliance Advisor - banking sector Permanent Closed