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Legal Interim Manager - GDPR

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We are constantly looking for talented legal interim managers for our clients. We are experiencing an increased demand for legal consultants that are specialised in GDPR.

These needs may be for various reasons: temporary absence of one of their legal professionals (maternity leave, sick leave, ...), implementation or supervision of new regulations or a specific project.

The duration of a legal interim assignment usually varies between 3 to 6 months but can be extended.


Your role as legal interim manager is very broad, both in terms of duration and complexity, as in intensity.


If you have an experience as business lawyer or as legal counsel and an independant mindset, legal interim management is for you. Ideally you are able to work in French, English and Dutch as this will open more possibilities to you. We have regular requests for all levels of seniority.


The status of legal interim manager offers many advantages: variety of the assignments, opportunity to build interesting contacts, continuous learning, attractive package, freedom in time management etc.


For more information, send us your resume or contact: 

Harold Dulait
Founding Partner
Tél.: +32 (0)10 88 07 60

Please note that not all assignments are published on our website as deadlines between the client's request and the start of the assignment is usually very short. Don't hesitate to send your spontaneous application.