We are regularly contacted by major companies based in Belgium to help them select and recruit the best law professionals: legal experts, compliance officers, tax specialists, lawyers and paralegals.

Candidats - Recrutement

If you are looking for a new challenge or if you wish to be contacted in the event of new job opportunities, Legalia is able to put you in contact with Belgian companies looking for new juridical talent.

Do not hesitate to send us your CV (link) or to contact us to discuss further. Your inquiry will be dealt with quickly and confidentially.

Unsolicited application


1. Contact and receiving of your CV Open Close

If you are interested by one of the jobs offered by Legalia or if you wish to provide us with a spontaneous candidacy, send us your CV. You can call us to make sure that we’ve safely received your CV.

2. Incorporating your profile in our database Open Close

As soon as we receive your CV, we integrate it in our database and mention that you are potentially interested in a specific job opening with us or in any job opportunity that corresponds to your experience. We examine your professional experience and, if we decide it fits with legal interim management, we contact you to offer you a more in-depth encounter in our offices.

3. Meeting in our offices Open Close

We invite you to our offices so that you may elaborate on your experiences, present your professional aspirations and the reasons for which you wish to apply. If all goes well, we will confirm that we have incorporated you into our network and, when relevant, that we will present your application to one of our clients.

4. Presenting your CV to our client Open Close

If, after having obtained your agreement, we decide to suggest your application to our client, we will include you in our short list. Your CV, as well as a text presenting your profile, is provided to the client.

5. Organizing one or many interview(s) with the client Open Close

If our client decides that your CV meets their expectations, we will set up one or many interview(s) that will take place in their offices. You make your way to the offices without us in order to be able to directly discuss with our client.

6. Organizing tests with specialized partners (optional) Open Close

If a position should require it, we organize a personality test for our client with external partners.

7. Regular follow-up and exchange of information Open Close

We keep in contact with you during the entire selection process. Our consultants are trained to advise you, answer your questions, keep you updated on the course of the process, give you feedback on the encounters that took place with our client, take note of your expectations and comments, etc.

8. Backing before signing the contract Open Close

If our client decides to work with you, we will inform you as soon as possible and will help you with the steps that precede the signing of a work contract.

9. Follow up Open Close

Thereafter, we contact you to ensure the good progress at your new job. We are also here to answer any possible questions you may have.