Why Legalia ?

Are you looking for a juridical employee, a juridical director, a compliance officer, a lawyer or a paralegal? To integrate into your company or firm? In the long-term or for a fixed-length project? Legalia experts assist you in selecting the right profile.

Legalia offers recruitment services and interim management for juridical, fiscal and compliance profiles in Belgium.


The power of a network

Over the years, Legalia has developed an important network of law professionals that continues to grow every day, whether it’s permanent jobs or temporary projects. We make sure of the quality of our network by meticulously selecting the profiles that will be a part of it. Moreover, regular contact with the members of our network assures us of permanent updates.


A deepened knowledge of the market

Legalia is knowledgeable about the markets in which it participates. Whether they’re medium and large companies or law firms. Our employees regularly keep up with the evolution and developments of those markets. This also allows us to properly select the professionals that wish to join our network and target our research according to the required capacities.


In complete discretion

Discretion is one of the key values of Legalia. We cannot do our jobs without giving it special attention. Whether it comes to managing the flow of CVs that we receive or providing confidential research for a client, Legalia employees are trained to perform while being discreet.


A team that is permanently in training

Legalia employees are permanently receiving training in order to be aware of the principal evolutions in the law sector and refine their abilities in selecting and recruiting human resources. The implementation of this program ensures the respect of one of Legalia’s fundamental values: quality


A unique experience

Since 2009, Legalia has been an important player on the market and has developed a unique expertise in terms of specialized recruitment, whether it’s for fixed duties or specific projects. Our experience, not only in human resources but also in trials and in companies, illustrates this particularity: we are knowledgeable about law careers, having experienced them first hand.


Customized quality

Legalia’s size allows it to stay close to the candidates and employees with whom it works. Specific demands are treated with the flexibility that has characterised our company since its very beginning. We aim for and implement whatever is necessary to identify the true needs of our clients and to treat them in the most appropriate manner. Exploring new pathways is part of Legalia’s DNA.


While being reactive

Quality of services is a priority for Legalia. It needs to be improved all the time. Therefore, our employees take the necessary time during each step, without hurry. However, it may be that the promptness of execution forms part of the quality of service provided. This is especially true for legal interim management projects. An unexpected situation can shake the organization of a legal department or law firm. In such circumstances, thanks to our network, we are able to act rapidly in order to provide you with the sought after expertise for the time needed.


Good cost management

Appealing to a service provider has a cost that is proportional to the advantages it brings. Our organization has been created to deliver qualitative services while eliminating general fees. This way, Legalia is able to offer rates that are below the market average.