Interim Management

Since its creation in 2009, Legalia offers fast, smooth and efficient legal interim management services.

Entreprises - Legal Interim Management

Legal interim management answers to the needs of many companies and law firms: the arrangement of specific judicial knowledge for a determined period of time.

This need may have diverse cause: the temporary absence of a company law expert (maternity leave, time credit, illness), an increase in temporary work or specific projects.

The duration of the legal interim manager’s assignment varies from 3 to 6 months. This period can potentially be extended, at the request of our client, for the necessary time period needed to finalize an on-going project, to take on a new situation, for an important case or when an employee leaves the company.

Its intensity can also vary: an interim manager can offer his services to you for 2-3 days a week or full-time if the workload requires it.

The legal interim manager’s salary is based on a daily fixed price that varies based on their experience as well as the duration and the difficulty of the task.

Why work with a Legalia legal interim manager?


The legal interim manager has generally been trained within an important law firm and/or a major company.


Depending on your needs, the legal interim manager integrates into your legal department or law firm for one week or a few months, with one or more days per week.


Equally, the daily cost of a legal interim manager is found in a price range comparable to paid legal experts and employees.


Thanks to the variety of assignments they complete and their taste for discovery, legal interim managers dedicate themselves entirely to their assignments, which they consider as exciting challenges to overcome.


During assignments, legal interim managers benefit from Legalia’s support, especially with accessing juridical information.


Due to the nature of their function, the legal interim manager has lived through many experiences within different legal departments or law firms. This field experience constitutes an important asset.


The legal interim manager is available on short notice, sometimes immediately, which quickly fulfils your need for juridical knowledge.


The legal interim manager acts independently and brings in an external point of view to the legal department or law firm with which they are collaborating.


In the event where their intervention is temporary, the legal interim manager is not in competition with other legal experts or lawyers. Agreement and collaboration with these legal experts and lawyers is therefore not a problem.