Legalia offers a selection and recruitment service of juridical, fiscal, compliance and paralegal profiles.

We help you find the rare jewel that you are looking for and we do everything to achieve that in a thought-out, efficient and proactive manner.


1. Analysing the vacant post and your needs Open Close

One of our consultants makes their way to your office to obtain the necessary information for the implementation of the selection and recruitment process. This information is relative to your company or law firm (their activities, their market(s), internal organization, values, the targeted department, etc.), to the post to be filled (describing the tasks and responsibilities, the required competences, salary level, etc.), all the while taking into account the confidentiality of the research, the importance of timing, etc.

2. Elaboration or adaptation of the job description Open Close

Following the encounter in your office, our consultant creates a new selection and recruitment file in our specialized computer software, integrates the entirety of information obtained and, based on this, creates a job description that you will validate before beginning the research.

3. Active research within the Legalia network and on the market Open Close

Once the job description has been validated, we begin the search for potential candidates. These searches are done within our network of legal experts and on the market (especially via advertising on some of our partners’ specialized websites). For the profiles that require it, we will also proceed to a carry out a headhunting process (optional).

4. Selecting potential candidates Open Close

Once we have enough quality CVs, we go through a primary selection, based on the information that we were provided with (CV, phone calls, prior interview notes, etc.) and complete it, if need be, if we meet with other qualified candidates later on.

5. In-depth interviews with potential candidates are retained Open Close

We invite the candidates to our offices and carry out in-depth interviews. If the candidate lives abroad, the first interviews are done through videoconference. Our consultants are trained with interview techniques that allows them to identify the best candidates for your company or firm and to obtain as much information as possible about them. The notes taken during the interviews are then transcribed in our specialized software in order to allow us to perform a quality follow up.

6. Organizing tests with specialized partners (optional) Open Close

If you wish, when the job requires it, we can also organize personality tests with external partners, meticulously chosen for their expertise. This step is optional and the costs related to the tests are not included in the basic price of our intervention.

7. Drawing up a short list that presents the candidates considered for the vacant job post and its presentation Open Close

On the basis of the interviews performed and the potential personality tests, we draw up a short list of the retained candidates, accompanied by their CVs and an individual and personalized presentation. This presentation of about half a page includes the different reasons that have encouraged our choice and various pieces information regarding the candidate that cannot be found in their CV.

8. Organizing interviews in your offices Open Close

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the profiles included in the short list and identified those that you wish to meet with, we take up the task of organizing interviews with the chosen candidates. If need be, thanks to our experience in the matter, we can also assist you in preparing a legal case that will be submitted to the candidate during an interview with you.

9. Verification of references provided by the selected candidates Open Close

References provided by the candidates that you have met with and that you have selected are systematically verified by our consultants during our phone calls. It’s one of the most important steps in our selection procedure.

10. Follow up and communication until the signing of a work contract Open Close

Communication between parties goes through a Legalia intermediary during the negotiations stage, relating to essential elements of the work contract. Therefore, when both parties have decided to collaborate, we facilitate the exchange of information and, if need be, propose solutions to result in an equal agreement.

11. Follow up and communication after the selected candidate enters the job post Open Close

After hiring the candidate, we remain in contact with your enterprise during the first few months in order to ensure that their integration corresponds to the expectations of both parties.