A new training program in "Business Ethics and Compliance Management" Launches at UCL

On September 23, 2016, UCLouvain launched a new training program called "Business ethics and compliance management."

A new training program in

This program meets the need many businesses now have to be properly advised in these complex materials, in order to implement procedures adapted to their specific environment.

"Over time, the ethics and compliance with standards that apply to companies ("compliance") have become essential elements of the life of companies, and especially in the financial sector. Recently, this reality also includes the creation of new employment opportunities and the creation of new professions (compliance officer, FATCA officer, MLRO, etc.). The purpose of this training program now offered is to introduce students to the main topics that govern these new challenges," says Mr. Arnaud Lecocq, lawyer of the Brussels Bar Association and a member of the training team.

This trend is clearly reflected in the labor market. Many companies are currently looking for new employees, trained in compliance.

The 158-hour-long program, sponsored by the Solvay company, includes a theory segment combined with practical projects, including critical debates among participants. Classes are taught on Friday evenings and Saturdays, twice a month.

They are grouped into 6 modules:

  1. Fundamentals of Compliance (ethics, governance models, risk management, codes of conduct, training, inspections, etc.) 
  2. Culture and corporate responsibility
  3. Monitoring and auditing
  4. Regulatory compliance (anti-corruption, money laundering, competition, export control, human rights, data protection)
  5. Practical cases
  6. Delivery of a personal assignment on a given topic (30 pages)

All information on this training is available on the UCL site at the following address:

Legalia has a clear understanding of the importance of this new trend, and appropriately responds to the demands of its customers in search of skills in this specific area, whether for missions through actions taken by our consultants or by permanent recruitment.