Legal Interim Management

Legal interim management usually requires a full-time availability. Sometimes, however, depending on the clients’ needs, it allows legal practitioners to offer their services for 2 or 3 days a week.
This way, legal interim managers have the possibility to develop other activities at the same time.

Legal Interim Management

Combining work and passion

Many decide to launch their own law firm. This is an excellent choice as they can develop a clientele while keeping total control of their monthly revenues. This avoids stressful situations and uncertainty. Besides, in the short term, these legal interim managers develop a strong network by meeting great legal professionals within various sectors.

But legal interim management also leaves room for other projects, usually related to personal development. Some opt for working halftime on legal projects to have more time for their passion, their family or for travelling.

Real life examples

Here are three inspirational examples of achievements that have been accomplished thanks to legal interim management:

·       Some experienced legal professionals, in parallel to their legal counselling activities, write novels or short stories. At least two of them have recently been published and receive excellent comments from readers.

·       Others, trained in top tier law firms, have decided to practice as freelancer as they have a passion for yoga. They need time to practice and/or to teach others every week. Legal interim management is the perfect way to combine two great but both time consuming activities.

·       A few legal interim managers, amongst the youngsters, chose legal interim management to be able to travel abroad. Australia and New Zealand seem to be amongst the most preferred destinations for traveling several months, backpacking style. Legal interim management brings some additional job flexibility before and after their wonderful travel experiences.