Legalia's competency tool

Today's focus on "soft skills" or competencies and how this is influencing the recruitment process to the extent that Legalia developed a useful tool, tailored to legal functions.

Legalia's competency tool

More and more companies are focusing on “soft skills” or competencies when looking to hire. This means that for any candidacy to stand out, on top of the technical skills and knowledge, the profile should now also reflect these sought-after general and social skills.
Of course, some competencies are very general and can be relevant to a number of positions, such as communication skills, autonomy, research skills, fighting spirit and strong work ethic, while others are only applicable to specific functions, as for example project management skills, leadership or emotional intelligence.

On this level, the legal field is no different than any other and our clients are often looking for a specific skillset when appointing us to select a legal profile for them.
This is the reason why we have identified and defined a series of 20 competencies that are in high demand with our clients. Based on this, we established 5 categories of legal professions (legal/compliance associate, lawyer, legal/compliance director, paralegal and legal interim manager), to which a certain number of competencies were assigned.

When given the mandate to select and/or recruit, we take the time to run through our competency catalogue with our clients to determine what the most relevant or important competencies are for that specific job description. We then use the outcome of that conversation as guiding principle during our interviews, for the selection of the most adequate candidates and to provide targeted feedback to our clients.

To help you tick the box for the competencies that legal professionals should possess, whether you are actively looking to recruit, looking for new opportunities or simply updating your resume, we are pleased to discuss it with you.