2017 Highlights & Future Development

As we wrap up 2017, we contemplate on what has made this year a successful one.

2017 Highlights & Future Development

Highlights of the past year

A major change came with the arrival of our newest team member, Liese, as she joined Legalia in April to sustain our office management and marketing activities to help drive our growth.  In correlation with this, we kicked off our digital marketing strategy, truly activating our  LinkedIn company page and bringing the news section of our website to life with monthly articles, while also launching a quarterly newsletter.

The second half of the year brought some attention of the general public to the developing business of legal interim management, as Legalia was one of the specialist companies featured in an article by the hands of Gilles Quoistiaux in Trends.

Besides that, in October, we hosted our client networking event with guest speaker Evrard van Zuylen, Managing Director at Darts-ip, a global leader in IP cases and analytics and eager user of artificial intelligence, which with its applications in legal tech, was the main topic of the evening. With many interested guests and the comprehensible approach of our speaker, we can definitely call it a memorable and successful evening in the history of our company!

Most importantly though, we have the numbers to back up our optimism, as our year-to-date results show that our activity has more than doubled over the past 12 months! 

Moving forward

Looking ahead to 2018… We envision further development of our business in general and to assist us in obtaining a larger market share, the team will be expanding some more! With another experienced team member joining Legalia soon, we plan on strengthening our position on the Belgian legal HR market and will be applying our expertise on specific niche-sectors.
With this projected growth in mind, we also have the ambitious plan to move our offices to a larger space, which will offer us even more possibilities to develop and grow our dedicated skills, to the benefit of our clientele and candidates!
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Even though Legalia is in for some change, our core values have always been and will remain at the heart of our company and will never cease to be our guideline for the future: Listening. Discretion. Quality. Research.

On this note, the entire team of Legalia extends to you its very best wishes for the new year ahead and for anything that may come your way!