Contingent workforce

A glance at what defines the contingent workforce
and the growing importance of this market.

Contingent workforce

Contingent or casual workers can be defined as someone who works for an organisation without being considered a permanent employee and who is thus not on the company’s payroll. Contingent workers can be freelancers, consultants or temporary employees.

Increasingly more professionals are swapping their trusted permanent job for the somewhat 'less secure' career path of an independent worker and the trend is still on the rise.
People nowadays simply want more control over their own destiny, they are looking for a better work-life balance, for more variety or they are working on ways to combine a day-job with the pursuit of another passion. What's more, thanks to new technologies, the scope of fields suitable for temporary or remote work is rapidly expanding.

As today's business professionals are gaining more control over their own career path and are selecting their own missions and temporary jobs as they suit them best, both companies and the workforce have much to gain from tightening their relationship with specialised staffing agencies.
Specialised selection and recruitment agencies are in the privileged position of having access to both sides of the market and are best able to compare the company’s and the individual’s branding to connect the dots and come up with the perfect match.

Legalia’s services in legal interim management are a great example of exactly this specialty.
We are constantly interacting with talented individuals that showcase the independent mind-set referenced above. In the same time, we are constantly striving to connect them with the right demand from our clients. Covering all business sectors and any type of project or duration, we help legal interim managers and companies explore new grounds and work together in new enriching ways.